(1)   Wednesday June 6th 1962 8:00pm and if you have your sound on you are listening to it.  "I can't stop loving you" by Ray Charles.
(2)   Allen Gray
(3)   Minuteman.  In 1912, when the new Central High School was built at the corner of Marshall and Lexington, some people wanted to change the name to Lexington High School. Alumni, however, were opposed. As a compromise, the "Minuteman" was adopted as a logo and mascot commemorating the colonial militia men of 1775 from Lexington, Massachusetts. 
(4)  "Onward Central"      Onward Central. Onward Central
                                         Crash right through the top
                                         We the students have the spirit
                                         That will never let you drop
                                          Da Da Da Da Da Da Da
                                          Onward Central. Onward Central
                                          We're so proud of you 
                                          We're going to fight Central
                                          Fight, Fight, Fight
                                          And we will see you through   
(5)  See Alfred E Neuman in Classmates
(6)  Edsel