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Joseph Johnson
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June 22, 1944 Shafer MN Retired Married 4 Groveland and Highland Jr. High
 Great 50 years - two careers plus 28 years in Naval Reserve - Finally married Suzi Gray 21 years ago - four great kids between us - four grandchildren, one great grandchild! Living in Franconia where I spent all of my summers!  Enjoying retirement with travel and our careers as volunteers!  Look forward to seeing you all. Send Joseph a MessageSend Joseph a Message
lynn johnson (anderson)
May 18, 1944 langley WA US RN Widowed 2 Groveland, Highland Park Jr High
Thanks to all of the work the reunion committee has done! 
I graduated from Gustavus with a bachelors of Science in Nursing and spent 9 months in Europe ($5 a day)!.  I married my college sweetheart Mark and we had 39 wonderful years of travel, boating, golfing, volunteering and raising out two sons and numerous pets.  We moved to Seattle in 1983 when my husband went to work for Apple Computer and then to Whidbey Island where I now live.
Mark passed away of a sudden massive heart attack in 2007 and is missed so much by our family and many friends.
I have worked off and on in various facets of nursing and am still working per diem at a Preop unit in Seattle.
We have two wonderful sons who have their doctorates and are living with their significant others and working in Vancouver BC.  No marriages, divorces or grandchildren yet. My eldest son and I are leaving this week for a trip to Europe and I'm going to Africa (my life long dream) in the fall.
I've been fortunate to be a part of three medical missions to Nicaragua and hope to do more.
I am really looking forward to the reunion as I haven't been to one in 35 years.  Please forgive me if I don't remember your name, but I know each and every one of you played a big part in my life.  We grew up in the very best of times with great families and teachers and activities for all.
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Andy Kane
November 03, 1944 Milwaukee WI US Married 4

After graduation, I attended the U of MN, getting a bachelor’s with a major in psychology. My other “major” was the B’nai B’rith Hillel Foundation, of which I was President for a year, followed by a year and a quarter of being Assistant Director.


Then grad school. I chose the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s psychology Ph.D. program. My plan: get my doctorate as quickly as possible, then return to the Twin Cities and set up a psychotherapy private practice. Fate had another plan for me.


In December, 1969, a consumer-based hotline identified a need for group counseling for adolescents, among other things, and I led the third group formed. I then helped to set up a free medical clinic. The physicians needed counselors to whom they could refer people with psychological problems. I started going in every time there was a medical clinic, and invited other professionals to join me when there got to be a need larger than I could personally address. In June, 1970, I founded The Counseling Center of Milwaukee (TCCM), serving as its Executive Director for eight years. At its maximum, we saw over 100 people per week for individual or group counseling, making TCCM the largest mental health agency in Wisconsin. In January, 1971, I received my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. In 1975 I got married.


By 1978, the job of Executive Director had become nearly all administrative – while I had become a psychologist to provide clinical services, so it was time to resign my position and become a full-time private practitioner. I also had my first child in 1977, and my very long work days made it hard to get to know her – so I went from 100 hour work weeks to only a handful of work hours a week initially, and fully co-parented Betsy. Her brother, Danny, was born in 1980. In 1986, my first wife and I divorced.


Also in 1978 I began to practice forensic psychology, primarily evaluations for personal injury, involuntary civil commitment, and guardianship. I continue to maintain psychotherapy and forensic practices to the present.


I’ve co-authored 10 books to date. The first, in 1975, was on “alternate services,” programs that presented psychological and/or social services in a novel way in order to address the needs of people who were adolescents, or abusers of alcohol or other drugs, or in a crisis, or having a serious and persistent mental illness – in a model that provided those services for free or very cheaply, required use of first names only, had counselors trained in alcohol and other drug abuse services, and so forth. The second was a book on child custody evaluations for lawyers and psychologists titled Psychological Experts in Divorce Actions, now in its fifth edition. The other four were for lawyers and psychologists in the area of personal injury cases. The most recent books, published in 2011, were one each in child custody and personal injury. The PI book is Evaluation for Personal Injury Claims, part of the Oxford University Press’s “Best Practices” series.

In 1978 a group of psychologists began work on a new graduate program in psychology, the Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology. I was one of the founders, and am currently a Professor at the School. I taught Community Psychology for 26 years, and currently teach Civil Forensic Psychology: Personal Injury. I also hold positions as an Adjunct Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Associate Clinical Professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin. In 1993 I was awarded a Diplomate in Assessment Psychology.


I did a great deal of public service. In 1976 I was appointed to the State Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse. In 1981 I was elected President of the Milwaukee Area Psychological Association. In 1983 I was elected President of the Wisconsin Psychological Association. In 1984 I founded, and later chaired, a Coalition on Sexual Misconduct by Psychotherapists and Counselors. In 1989 I was elected President of the Division of Forensic and Correctional Psychologists of the Wisconsin Psychological Association.


I remarried in 1991. My wife is Carole, my stepchildren Lori and Michael. Our four children ranged from 11 (Danny) to 17 (Lori) when we wed. With our children now grown, we have only ourselves and our five cats at home. Carole is now retired from her work as an elementary school art teacher, while I anticipate continuing my psychotherapy and forensic practices for years to come.

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Howard n/a (Kaplan)
November 24, 1944 Edina MN US attorney/ mediator/arbitrator Married 3 Randolph Heights Elementary School
I have 3 married children and 2 grandchildren with another one on the way. During the "winter" months I commute each weekend to Naples Florida where we have a home. Send Howard a MessageSend Howard a Message
Larry Kaplan Wellesley MA US Physician Married 2 Highland Park Junior High
 After a stint as a Fulbright Scholar to India and a graduate student at Columbia’s School of International Law and Diplomacy, I gave up my aspiration to join the US Foreign Service after Nixon was elected and went to medical school.  I retired in 2010 after 30 years as a gastroenterologist and medical center CEO. I now lead two NGOs in Cite Soleil, Port au Prince, Haiti, one of the poorest and most dangerous areas in Haiti: Haiti Clinic delivers free health care and medicine to Haitians in Cite Soleil, and Cite Soleil Opportunity Council creates jobs and supports Haitian-generated community construction and revitalization projects.


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Todd Kelly
September 15, 1944 Golden Valley MN US Retired Teacher Married 2
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Diane Kelm (Youngquist)
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January 16, 1944 North Branch MN US Retired Married 3 Highland Junior High
Finally got to marry my high school sweetheart.  Can't wait to see you all and hear your stories.
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David Kemp
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June 08, 1943 Janesville WI US Construction Superintendent - Retired Married 2 Linwood
Shortly after graduation I joined the Navy. During my enlistment I enjoyed being able to be on a Naval rifle and pistol team and compete in the West Pacific fleet matchs.

In 1966 I met and married the love of my life Karen Naumann who was a Monroe girl would you believe. In 1968 I graduated from Dunwoody Institute the only school where I received good grades! Our two sons and daughter-in-laws have given us six beautiful grandchildren.

Karen and I enjoy the Theater, our family activities and riding my Harleys. I enjoy an annual trip to
the  Boundry Waters with my sons and grandchildren and upland bird hunting with my Brittney Spaniel. Plus golf - golf and golf.

Super job Class Reuion Committee!
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Ridley "Rid" Kennedy
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September 21, 1944 ridleyncarmel@gmail,com Reesville Queensland AU Retired Married Mattocks & Highland Park Jr. High

Hi All – 50 years is hard to believe? We won’t be able to be there but, All the Best and have a blast!!!

I graduated in ’67 from Mankato State in Economics & Psychology, got married, drove trucks for the summer and moved to Southern California. I ended up with a brokerage firm in employee benefits and through my exploits with tournament water skiing & delta wing kite flying met lots of Australians. It was through these contacts that we moved to Australia (Aus) for a 2 year sabbatical.

Our first job was in a water ski show at Sea World and I have had many jobs over the years. Some menial while travelling, fun ones like snow & water skiing and sailing and some interesting like welfare officer (the only job I ever used a degree for) and managing a motorcycle dealership.

It was in Perth WA where Rea and I split up, I skied for the WA State Barefoot Water-ski Team and  bought a yacht to sail around the world.  Didn’t get far.  After being caught out by a storm we pulled in for repairs about 200 miles north. While there I honed my sailing skills in the islands and racing around the buoys. I sold the yacht and bought a kombi van which I lined with paisley print carpet.  My beard was getting bushy and my hair long, I was pretty sure that I wasn’t going to return to the business world of LA.

I met Carmel in Darwin a year after Cyclone Tracy. I knew it was special but she was heading to Europe on a cruise with her Mother and I was heading to New Zealand for summers on an island and winters on the ski fields. A couple of years later we caught up in Aus, bought a motorbike and travelled much of this amazing land.

We went to Europe to join a boat Carmel had been on, sailed the Mediterranean and Red Sea, chartered in Israel, and I was offered my first job as skipper of a sail/dive yacht. This became our profession for years as we sailed, chartered, dived, raced and delivered yachts all over the Caribbean, Bahamas, US and Australia.

We built a house in Maleny after a few years in the Whitsunday Islands/ Great Barrier Reef and started a boat hire/ kiosk business here which we ran for 12 years. During that time we also were partners in a business training Endurance Horses. We didn’t lose too much money, thanks to the sale of a special horse to a UAE Sheik, though my riding and horsemanship did improve markedly.  

We have been retired for about 10 years and live in our little timber home on 40 acres with 2 horses, the wildlife, bush (woods) and rainforest. I manage to ride horses, motorbikes and bicycles fairly regularly. We have been wildlife carers for over 20 years rehabilitating and releasing injured and orphaned native wildlife. We love travelling both to the beautiful natural places of Aus and many of the exciting places the world has to offer. My main project is a small cohousing development in Maleny, which I have been involved in for years and hopefully is about to come to fruition.

All the Best


ps  As far as children we're waiting till I'm mature enough.

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Adrianne Kessel (Pfleiderer)
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September 29, 1944 Tucson AZ US Retired Married 1 Ramsey
After graduating from the U of M,  I moved to San Francisco and heard about  my parents hair growing grey daily. (1965-69).  I then moved to Denver and meet my husband Bill.  We now live in Tucson and guess what--no snow!!!
We have a beautiful daughter, 4 grandchildren and awaiting our 6th great-grandchild.
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