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Peg King (Overturf)
January 15, 1944 Victoria MN US Retired teacher Married 2
It has been an amazing 50 years since high school: moving several times, wonderful vacations, raising a son and a daughter, active in numerous organizations and groups, hard family losses, own a cabin "up north,"4 grandchildren, sharing my life with husband Glenn 45 years.  We are walkers and still cross country ski.  Send Peg a MessageSend Peg a Message
Judy Klein (Holcomb)
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February 24, 1944 Chandler AZ US Academic Counselor Married 2 Mattocks/Highland Park Jr HS
50 years since graduating and loving life more than ever!  Life has been good!  In the 60’s, graduated University of Colorado, taught Elementary School in Denver, married.  In the 70’s, moved to Lake Tahoe, opened first real SLT preschool, which still exists under original name and location (my legacy to Lake Tahoe!). Divorced and spent 80’s and 90’s in Santa Barbara where I met my wonderful husband Dennis 30+ years ago.  We were incredibly busy then, me as a full-time Realtor, Dennis as a Landscape Architect for the USDA Forest Service (now for Maricopa County), concurrently running Swing Dance school together for 15 years prior to moving to Phoenix in 1999.  Since moving to Phoenix, did a variety of things including Real Estate and Loan Processing. Thriving for last several years as an Academic Counselor at the University of Phoenix working with students who are active duty military, retired, Veterans, spouses to obtain Health Care degrees, making a difference in the lives of others who make a difference to all of us.  Very proud of our 2 wonderful children and 3 grandchildren, with twins on the way.  Played lots of golf before moving to Phoenix, so I could play all year long, but find it less stressful watching on TV.  Travel to see grandchildren frequently and are huge baseball fans. We travel to see Arizona Diamondbacks play away games, tour the stadiums and play tourist in the areas visited.  Our sign has traveled with us to 20 ballparks, so far.  We love being productive, making a difference, enjoying life and will retire when the spirit moves us!

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Leon Kline
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October 07, 1944 New Brighton MN US Retired Married 2 Gordon


It’s been a great 50 years.  I’m still ‘Livin’ the Dream’ 

 After high school I attended the U of M for a couple of years only to find I didn’t have the intellectual fortitude to succeed,  so in 1965 I went to business college and received a certificate in computer programing.  That turned out to be a  great move for I spent my career in the computer business working the first 13 years for small and large IT organizations then spending the next 30 years running my own IT companies.  I ‘kind of retired’ in 2005 after I had a kidney transplant from which I am 100% recovered. 

 In 1965 I also married Kathleen Tuma from Our Lady of Peace,  We have been married for almost 47 years, we have 2 children, Jeff and Debbie who have blessed us with 7 grandchildren ages 19 to 2 ½.  Our entire family lives in and around the Twin Cities so we spend time babysitting, going to various athletic endeavors and enjoying getting tired out by family gatherings.

 In 1966 I joined the Army Reserve (to avoid the draft) and spent 6 years ‘Livin’ the Dream’ with Uncle Sam retiring as a Sargent E5 in 1973.

 We have been fortunate to be able do much traveling  the last 47 years and hope to continue while our health and pocket book holds out.  We have been wintering in Bonita Springs Fl where we bought a condo in 1994.

 The Dream is Still Alive and I am Livin’ it.  I really look forward to seeing everyone at the 50th…I’m sure I won’t know most of your names so I apologize ahead of time.  I hope they have name tags with HUGE print.




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Charles Knapton
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January 05, 1944 Parker CO US Semi-Retired Married 2 Edgcumbe, Randolph Heights, & Highland Park Junior High
After high school I attended St. Cloud State, then the University of Minnesota.  I joined the United States Air Force in 1966 and served four years in the USAF Combat Talon Program including surviving a year in Vietnam.  Once my service was completed I flew with 3M's Aviation Department as a 2nd Officer before finding my career path managing high rise office buildings.

One of my favorite professional accomplishments was in 1981 in having the distinct privilege to coordinate the "Yellow Ribbon" around the top of the Foshay Tower in downtown Minneapolis to commerate the safe release of 52 Iranian Hostages after their 444 days in captivity.  A corporate relocation in 1982 took us from Minnesota to Colorful Colorado and we have enjoyed living in the metro Denver area the last 30 years about 35 miles southeast in Parker, Colorado.

I retired from commercial real estate four years ago and have been married to the love of my life, Marlyss for over 40 years. We are blessed to have two wonderful daughters and four absolutely terrific grandkids.  We still have numerous relatives & friends in Minnesota and we enjoy visiting there, but seeing our grandkids seems to trump dealing with mosquitoes & humidity.  I enjoy staying in touch with numerous classmates and I am still trying to determine the timing on implementing my Bucket List.
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Hans Knoop
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February 16, 1944 Greeley CO US Retired. Careers: Daily newspaper writer and editor; public relations executive; owner of 
antiquarian bookstore.
Married 2
Graduated from U of M in 1966, and served as editor-in-chief of Minnesota Daily student newspaper from 1966-67 while in grad school.  Married Kathleen Milligan of Denver in 1968 (she is a retired teacher, school principal and college professor/administrator). After a few years in Minnesota, we moved to South Carolina, where I worked for more than 20 years as a PR executive for educational entities, including 15 years for the University of South Carolina system. Received M.A. in journalism from U of South Carolina in 1977. In 1994, we relocated to my wife's home state, Colorado, where I opened and operated a reasonably successful antiquarian walk-in and internet bookstore for eight years before retiring. Lots of travel these days. Send Hans a MessageSend Hans a Message
Richard Kohl
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April 01, 1944 Littleton NC US Retired Married 3 Highland Park Junior High School
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John Kohnen
January 02, 1944 Hugo MN US Retired Married 3 Highland Jr High
Living out the American Dream in Retirement! Send John a MessageSend John a Message
John Kosel
January 17, 1944 Phoenix AZ US Retired (Was Engineer) Married 2
Completed BSBA & Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering at University Of MN.  Engineer at Honeywell for 21 years. 
Love to travel in the world (i.e. Ireland, Germany, England, Czech Rep., Fiji, Tahitti, Australia).  Also we have a motor-home & travel in USA & Mexico.
Hobbies: home building (i.e. electrical, plumbing, carpentry)
Just saw my grand-daughter graduate in education with honors at the Univ. of MN.
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Nancy Krook (Carl)
March 23, 1944 Rhinelander WI US Nurse Practitioner-Oncology Married 2 NA

Four grandchilren.  Work part-time.  See you in August!

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Michealyn Kvasnik
September 26, 1944 Minneapolis US RN Married Roseville
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