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Susan Lampland (Woodward)
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September 06, 1944 New York NY US university professor, political scientist Single HIghland Park Junior High
Despite a life I might not have chosen, it has been fascinating.  Most of it has been academic, as a political scientist specializing first on Yugoslavia (due to a research fellowship while at the University of Minnesota, where I did my BA, then for my doctoral dissertation research at Princeton) and then, with its violent dissolution after 1990/1, on civil wars, post-conflict peacebuilding, international intervention, both UN and NATO (even working for the UN -- UNPROFOR -- as an expert in 1994, and again for only 2 months in Bosnia in 1998 for the OSCE).  I have taught at Northwestern University, a one-year fill-in at Mount Holyoke College, Williams College, Yale University, then a fellowship at Stanford University for a year, then 9 years in the Washington hothouse at The Brookings Institution, where I was a bit of a media star, then to London (King's College and IISS), and then to the place I have always wanted to live, where I am now, New York City, and the Graduate Center (i.e., MA and PhD students only) of the City University of New York. Given my interest in how these interventions in places such as Afghanistan, Iraq, the Balkans, etc., I find myself constantly torn between my dedication to scholarship, creating new knowledge that might be of use, and my desire to improve policy and practice on the ground, which I know, is fruitless.

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Jim Lange
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March 04, 1944 Aitkin MN US Single 2 Randolph - Highland Jr
 After Central,  I received a bachelor of Electrical Engineering  degree from the University of Minnesota , then worked for Control Data Corporation as a computer programmer. While at CDC, I worked on a software project in 1978-79 in South Africa. Back in the USA, I worked for super computer corporation  Cray Research as a software development manager. Left Cray, moved Mille Lacs Lake in 1992, where  my dear wife (Rene) and I,  built our retirement  lake home. In  2002,  Rene was diagnosed with a terminal cancer, she passed away in 2003. I still miss her dearly. 
Since 2003, my new 'life' includes many volunteering activities, spent several years as an emergency medical first responder and working as a tax aide for low income and the elderly .  
In 2007,  I bought a hunting and fishing cabin  in northern Minnesota.    I now spend  most of the summer and fall fixing and updating the cabin, fishing and hunting.  Everyone is welcome to come for a visit to God's wilderness.
My  two kids have blessed me with the top 4 nicest grandkids in the universe, 3 boys  and a girl. They are truly the joy of my life.  The oldest one will be in 7th grade at Highland Park Jr. HS.
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joan lathrop ( castles)
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August 23, 1944 jcast; largo FL retired Married 4 linwood park
enjoying  life in sunny florida 3 of our 4 children live here and 5 of our 7 grand children live in florida we also have 7 great grand children
cant make it to the reunion as my husband is a dialysis patient this is new to us so travling we havent started yet but wish everone a fun time
cant wait to see the memory book this site is great thanks to all who made this web site .
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Susan Lilja (Brassington)
July 11, 1944 Plymouth mn US Special Education Teacher-retired Married 2 Horace Mann
After high school graduation I attended  the U of MN and graduated in 1968 with a degree in Elementary Ed. Wanting to get away from home my first teaching position was in Bensenville, Illinois where I taught 5th grade for one year.  After Bensenville, I began teaching on the south side of Chicago where I taught 1st grade one year and then taught hearing impaired teenagers for 2 years.. I taught using ASL (American Sigh Language) learning it on the job.  an interesting story to all of that. In 1970, I marrired Michael Merriman and moved back to Mn. We had two children together, Bryce now age 39 and Kari now 35.   Michael and I divorced in 1995. I finished a masters degree in special education and worked for the Robbinsdale School District until retiring in June 2011.  Somewhere in the middle of all this, I worked seven years for People to People, during the summer , accompanying groups of students to many interesting countries around the world.  I married Mark Brassington in 2002 and gained 2 step children about the same ages as Kari and Bryce.  Mark has 5 grandchildren who call me gramma Sue.  My daughter, Kari is expecting my first grandchild in June, Her name will be Lilja  Evelyn (lilya) pronounced the Finnish way. My son Bryce is finally marryng in June  to a wondrful woman who is in medical school in New York, where they now live.  He is a social worker in the Bronx.   Mark and I enjoy traveling and family projects.  It seems as though our children always have a plan for our combined domestic, carpentry and decorating skills. I have kept in touch with some of my classmates over the  years getting together from time to time at various locations. as well as in the twin cities.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone at our 50th reunion.  Sue  Send Susan a MessageSend Susan a Message
Sharon Loomis (Dougherty)
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June 14, 1944 Hastings MN US Retired Married 4 Randolph Heights
Doug and I married in 1991 and together have 4 children and 6 grandchildren.  We had each been married previously for 18 yrs and each divorced for 10 years.  Life is good and we are blessed. Send Sharon a MessageSend Sharon a Message
Vicki Lubov (Stern)
November 04, 1944 Mendota Heigts MN US sales Married 2
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Nancy Lynch (Angster)
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October 25, 1944 Greenville SC US Retired Married 2 Horace Mann, Groveland, Highland Park Junior High
It has been a great 50 (!) years since graduation.  I went to college at Gustavus Adolphus in St. Peter, MN.  There I met and married my husband of 48 years--Tom.  We have two children, one of each, and four wonderful grandchildren.  Tom's job required that we move often--12 times!  We ended up in South Carolina and love it here.  Our children and grandchildren live close to us and we see them often.  Life has been good to us for which we are most grateful. Send Nancy a MessageSend Nancy a Message
Rich Lynn
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October 24, 1944 Folsom CA US Realtor Married 2 Higland Park
My wife's name is Jyl Simpson Send Rich a MessageSend Rich a Message
Myra M. Mackoff (Lawrence)
January 06, 1945 Oak Park IL US Clinical Psychologist Married 1
I'm really looking forward to the reunion and am eager to find out what everyone is doing.  Even before high school I wanted to be a child and adolescent psychologist.  I moved to Chicago 44 years ago to start my graduate level training and have lived here ever since, following a year when I lived in Israel (that was 1967, perhaps not the very best time to choose to live there!).

After four years in graduate school all six of us who were accepted into the program at the University of Chicago left for other graduate programs; it's a good thing or we'd probably all still be there trying to finish our degrees!  I worked as a child care worker, completed my pre-intern and internship training in clinical psychology, and then worked in community mental health and completed a different doctoral program.  For the past 25 years I have been a professor of clinical psychology in a doctoral program, and coordinate the child and adolescent concentration where I lead clinical training and research projects developing intervention programs to enhance the attachment between children and their parents. 

Twenty years ago I founded a not-for-profit school based program that has become a clinic and training center in Oak Brook, Illinois.  I'm now CEO of Shared Vision Psychological Services, where we treat children, adolescents, families and individual adults, and provide training to diagnostic, therapy, advanced therapy, intern and postdoctoral level psychologists.  My private practice is there as well.  Fortunately, I have never tired of teaching or of being a clinicial working with children and adults. 

My husband, Ted, is retired and we've increased our traveling and gardening.  We always enjoyed camping and hiking, particularly in national parks.  Though we still do that occasionally, we more often are traveling to London where our son, daughter-in-law, granddaughter and baby expected in September are living.  Thank goodness for Skype, or this would be a much more challenging situation that it has turned out to be.

I'm wondering if anyone else has memories (PTSD symptoms?) of our sophomore year when we diagrammed sentences.  I think the teacher I had was Ms. Malmon; I remember her physical presence and exacting expectations, but might be wrong about the name.  Stressful as that was, I was able to add to my stipend in graduate school editing and typing dissertations, thanks to that ordeal.

I've always had several hobbies that fit in around my somewhat crazy work schedule, but it seems that I've always liked that pace and rarely choose another.  Right now I'm practicing with a new digital SLR camera, writing a proposal for a state level play therapy conference, reading (always!!), cooking different ethnic foods, doing yoga and knitting; after all, there is a new baby on the way!!

We'll stop in at the hospitality suite sometime late Friday afternoon and look forward to seeing everyone else on Saturday.  I'm sorry to say that Nancy Hertz (Garon) bailed on me and will not be attending the reunion.  Maybe you'd all like to write her and suggest she reconsider???
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Dianne (Bonnie) Marvy (Bess)
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March 18, 1944 Santa Barbara CA US Living well Married 1 Ramsey

Fifty years later and CHS is still asking for a homework assignment!

This is my story, and I’m sticking to it…

Once upon a time I graduated from Central High (whew!), earned three degrees, kissed a few frogs, fell madly in love, married Prince Charming and am living happily ever after.

There may not be an afterlife, so I’ve taken out insurance by cramming many different ones into the short time we have on this planet. I’ve been a professional student, artist, college teacher, house remodeler, photographer, vegetarian chef, greeting card designer, restaurant consultant, stock trader, school administrator, nutritional advisor, community arts outreach coordinator, business owner, wife and mother. But, usually not all of them at the same time.

Along the way, many places have been home to me, including Palo Alto, Cambridge Mass, Munich Germany, Washington DC, Paris France, West Hartford, Palm Springs, La Jolla, San Diego, and Santa Barbara California.

While living in Paris, I attended cooking school and birthed my daughter, so my French vocabulary is fairly extensive in culinary arts and obstetrics. That has proved to be oh-so-useful for retired life!

After exploring the world, I married Jim Bess, the boy next door. Literally. I started using my middle name Dianne, because Bonnie Bess was just way too cute for my abrasive personality and would have been an even worse moniker than Bonnie Marvy.

Jim and I created The Artplex, a 14,000 sq foot warehouse in downtown San Diego where we lived and sometimes worked for the next 18 years. As the area gentrified, we fought City Hall and lost. The building is now the first baseline of the Padres Stadium.

We also designed, built and lived in an all-solar off the grid house in the mountains near San Diego. Then, after renovating and selling a few more houses in New England, we heard California calling us back. We now live in a very small “lock and leave” in Santa Barbara. Downsizing is so liberating.

We both have a passion for breathing, extensive travel, modern art museums, long walks, odd architecture, no television, good food, family and friends. We may grow old, but we’ll never grow up. And the journey continues….

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