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Dianne (Bonnie) Marvy (Bess)
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March 18, 1944 Santa Barbara CA US Living well Married 1 Ramsey

Fifty years later and CHS is still asking for a homework assignment!

This is my story, and I’m sticking to it…

Once upon a time I graduated from Central High (whew!), earned three degrees, kissed a few frogs, fell madly in love, married Prince Charming and am living happily ever after.

There may not be an afterlife, so I’ve taken out insurance by cramming many different ones into the short time we have on this planet. I’ve been a professional student, artist, college teacher, house remodeler, photographer, vegetarian chef, greeting card designer, restaurant consultant, stock trader, school administrator, nutritional advisor, community arts outreach coordinator, business owner, wife and mother. But, usually not all of them at the same time.

Along the way, many places have been home to me, including Palo Alto, Cambridge Mass, Munich Germany, Washington DC, Paris France, West Hartford, Palm Springs, La Jolla, San Diego, and Santa Barbara California.

While living in Paris, I attended cooking school and birthed my daughter, so my French vocabulary is fairly extensive in culinary arts and obstetrics. That has proved to be oh-so-useful for retired life!

After exploring the world, I married Jim Bess, the boy next door. Literally. I started using my middle name Dianne, because Bonnie Bess was just way too cute for my abrasive personality and would have been an even worse moniker than Bonnie Marvy.

Jim and I created The Artplex, a 14,000 sq foot warehouse in downtown San Diego where we lived and sometimes worked for the next 18 years. As the area gentrified, we fought City Hall and lost. The building is now the first baseline of the Padres Stadium.

We also designed, built and lived in an all-solar off the grid house in the mountains near San Diego. Then, after renovating and selling a few more houses in New England, we heard California calling us back. We now live in a very small “lock and leave” in Santa Barbara. Downsizing is so liberating.

We both have a passion for breathing, extensive travel, modern art museums, long walks, odd architecture, no television, good food, family and friends. We may grow old, but we’ll never grow up. And the journey continues….

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Mary Jo McCluney (Christiansen)
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March 11, 1944 Green Valley AZ US Semi-Retired Married 1 Marshall Jr. High

50 Years. Yikes! Who are all these old people????? And oh my gosh very sad so many are dead, although I remember quite a few were gone after just five years. I am still married to the same guy I married in 1969 and Minnesota was home for 10 more years. Then we moved to Montana for skiing and golf, adopted a son, owned a restaurant and other businesses for 25 years and have semi-retired to sunny Arizona and love it.  Short haircut is compliments of chemotherapy, but doing very well.  We both continue to golf a lot and travel to Montana to see grandchildren. I still have relatives in Minnesota, but don’t think I will make it to the reunion. Kudos to those who put this all together. Very well done.

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Karen McConnell (Schwieger)
August 12, 1944 Hastings MN US retired Married 2 Marshall
It's been a wonderful and exciting 50 years - and I'm lookng forward to the next !! Send Karen a MessageSend Karen a Message
Carol Melbye (McCarty)
May 10, 1944 MN US retired educator Divorced 1
Wow!  After 50 years I hope we will all be given name tags with our "then" pictures on them.  Send Carol a MessageSend Carol a Message
Joanie Mersky
St. Paul MN 3
Amazing, wonderful kids; amazing, wonderful grandkids!  Nice to be retired.  Life is good.

Reunion Committee:  Great job!!

Nancy Miller (Solem)
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February 08, 1944 Eden Prairie MN US Retired Workers Comp Specialist Married 1 Groveland
I was married at 20, divorced at 23 and raised by son, Dan as a single Mom. I am married now to the "boy across the alley" growing up, my best friend's little brother.
We have been married for 14 years and live in Eden Prairie.  My son, Dan, who is 47, married  and lives in California.  Two grandchildren,  15 and 13.  Retired a year ago and love being away from the stress, getting more sleep, etc. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone.
I like being older and hopefully, wiser.

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Preston Miller
September 17, 1944 Minnetonka MN US Retired Married 2 Highland Park Junior High
In terms of career path, after high school I set my sites high. So, I began by installing ceiling fans. Then, given my knowledge of aeronautics, I turned to developing wings on panty liners. Finally, given my interest in hygiene, I ended my career cleaning the fish tanks at the Mega Mall Aquarium.
My wife Judy has been nominated for sainthood. Her "miracle" is staying married to me for 45 years. We have 2 boys who are married and have moved as far away from us as possible. We have 4 grandchildren, one of each.
In my spare time, I'm into BASS (blues, alcohol, sex, and sports). I also enjoy dogs. I've helped raise Finn, Mick, and Casey, all soft-coated wheaten terriers. I now spend my time with Thumbs (named for Perry Cohler), a border collie who keeps me moving.
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scott miller
November 30, 1944 wilmette IL US retired Divorced 3
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Jeri Moe (Rodenkirchen)
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February 27, 1944 Florence SC US Home Maker Married 2 Randolph Heights

First I want to thank Marda for tracking me down or I never would have known about the reunion or this site. Thanks again sweetie. Shame on you Mike Tenney, We're friends with John Huntley and he knew where to find me ...LOLOL

I married my high school sweetheart Bill and for most of our married life we lived in the Bay area of San Francisco. Because of our sons hardwood floor business here in Florence the whole fam damily moved here, daughter and her husband Steve included, he taught Chris the business in Calif. They now work together and are doing well considering the economy.

We have 4 grandchildren. Our daughter Nicole has a son Dillon who is 20 and a daughter Cassidy who is 17 and right now in Florida on a missionary trip with her church. Our son Christian has 2 girls, Lindsay, 17 yrs old and Amber who will be 11 this year.

God has blessed us in so many ways, our children and grandchildren are precious to us and we really enjoy their company.

Unfortunately we won't be able to make the reunion and after seeing who all are coming, it would have been so much fun !! God willing we will make the next one. Have a great time eveyone and take care........

HUGS to all...

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Susan Moore
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January 25, 1944 Sagamore Beach MA US Retired Speech-Language Pathologist Married Randolph Heights
Where have the years gone?  I retired June, 2010 after 42 years working as a speech-language pathologist in both the  hospitals and public schools. I graduated U. of M. and went to grad. school at Univ. of  Okla. Medical Center both in Speech. I worked in St. Louis for three years.  In 1971 I visited Boston and decided to stay and work there for one year. The rest is history. I love New England and have decided that I must be near the ocean. I waited to marry until age 50! My husband Roy Zahreciyan is a native Plymouthian. We live about 15 miles from the famous Plymouth Rock and about 1 mile from Cape Cod. Although we have no children we do have a dog, Max who thinks he is human.  I visit St. Paul about every 5 years or so and do miss the rivers and the lakes. Please say "hi" to all at the reunion. I will be going to the Herzl Camp Reunion in late August and just couln't fit both in.  Please get in touch with me whenever you are visiting Boston, Plymouth or Cape Cod. Send Susan a MessageSend Susan a Message
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