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Jerry Paar (Deceased)
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January 13, 1944 Edina MN US Own a financial sales agency and a partnership in an advertising/marketing company. Divorced 2 Randolph Heights
 So after graduation from U of M, 6 years in the USAR as a combat medic E8 and 10 years with a major corporation  I then started my own businesses  for the last 35 years.

I have 2 beautifl children, Matthew Stephen and Sarah Ann and 2 beautiful grandchildren, Ella and Soren. 

Last week I had  a re-do shoulder surgery from a hunting accident and surgery in 2009. Unfortunately I have one to two,1 1/2 hours of IV atibiotics at the hospital trying to defeat a second infection.  Not to mention a handful of other morning and night surgery meds.  Thanks to all for the notes and calls.  Enjoy this wonderful reunion and keep the nexus.  Jerry
Gail Page (Bromenshenk)
September 17, 1944 Missoula MT US Married Mattocks/ Highland Park Jr. HS
Graduated from Beloit College with a BA in elementary education.  I taught 5th grade in St Paul for 5 years; married Jerry and moved to Bozeman, MT.  Taught 2 more years in Bozeman while Jerry finished his PhD.  We have lived in Missoula, MT ever since where Jerry has been a Research Professor at the University of MT.  I have served on several local boards in our community.  In the 1970's, I was president of the Missoula AAUW for 4 years.  I love Montana and we are here to stay. Send Gail a MessageSend Gail a Message
James Page
May 17, 1944 Mendota Hieghts MN US retired Married 3
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Arnie Paster
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Southhampton NY US Realty Broker Married 3

After graduation


Left town quick as I could / To start a new life without the old wood

Stopped in Madison for a change and a degree / Fun… but not the place where I discovered me.


New York City next… it was the end / felt like the place for me to begin

Settled for jobs of boring ennui / And somehow began to see

who and where I wanted to be


Then I said stop, with nowhere to go / Turned in, dropped out watched

the Technicolor show

The sights were delicious the road was grand / finally became the emancipated man.


Fled to California for a fortnight stand / my lady in tow and we got high

Next thing I knew… we married on Mt. Tamalpi


Started a new scene: married life / 10 years a pair w/ great joy, some strife

over time 3 kids did come and then the wife bid adieu

A rude awakening for sure, but I started anew


Found new circles, swam & ran races, met the great and famous

In music, art, science, those in high places

And home every night with my own progeny

The place most comfortable where I wanted to be


Then they graduated college, went out on their own

married and families, in far away homes

Me, I met a great friend who became my wife

A warm, bright chapter continues my life


I still travel and race though now at the end of the pack

And other than good health, little that I lack

So I sit at my window staring out at space

Knowing the Man above has shown me His good grace



Or simply put: what a long strange trip it’s been

Marda Paymar
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Now Minneapolis MN US (sort of) retired Divorced Horace Mann/Groveland/Highland Park Jr. HS

I suspect I speak for a lot of classmates who attended this wonderful reunion last weekend. I can’t thank the committee enough for creating such an incredibly organized, seamless, flawless set of events (okay, my chicken was a tad dry). When I wasn’t busy talking to old friends and those I had never spent any time with in school (and when wasn’t I talking…), I was so pleased to see how everyone mixed so well. And what a wonderful Memory Book you put together. You deserve all the public acknowledgement and appreciation we can bestow. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Well, I do have a small bone to pick. I see in the Memory Book I somehow have acquired another ex-husband, which is a complete surprise to me and no doubt to Mr. Long. Perhaps you misunderstood when I may actually have joked about Mr. Wrong. Or when I was reminiscing about studying Robert Louis Stevenson in English Lit class and mentioned Long John Silver. Or even perhaps been part of a political discussion with me about the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court confirmation hearings and Anita Hill’s mention about “Long Dong Silver.” (Google it….) 

With apologies to Linus Pauling during the House on Un-American Activities Committee hearings, I am not married to anyone named Long. I have never been married to anyone named Long. I have never been involved with anyone named Long.

How I long to clear this up, which I hope won’t take too long. So before I go on too long, with apologies now to Jimmy Durante (and how old do we have to be to remember him), good night Mr. Long, wherever you are. 



At an age when most of you are fleeing to warmer climates—at least for the winter—I have moved BACK to Minnesota, fleeing California, where I had spent most of my adult life. My deal with the devil—that would be me—was that if I didn’t like the weather on any given day (e.g. 3 snowflakes or anything I considered cold) I simply wouldn’t leave the comforts of home. I now reside in Minneapolis, within sight and/or walking distance of my beloved lakes.


Graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1966 with a degree in psychology and journalism minor, which, along with the experience in the many campus activities I was involved in, served me well in life. I also picked up a Master’s in Mass Communications. Married and divorced along the way. I’ve had two careers, one as a professional writer and the other in the non-profit world, mostly as a fundraiser. I’ve since retired from going to an office and now invest and trade in the stock market from the comfort of home. But as great as these careers have been, nothing has been more rewarding than my volunteer work at animal shelters here and in L.A. socializing and rehabilitating shy, fearful, and abused dogs, training to make them more adoptable, and then finding loving homes for them.


Okay class, sharpen your pencils for a pop quiz. Name the culprit who sneaked into Central’s locked tower where the final galleys for the 1962 school directory were stored and, uh, created a few new classmates. Since I think the Statute of Limitations has elapsed, I will now confess to the dastardly deed, along with an unnamed co-conspirator. (For bonus points what were the names; never mind, they seemed clever at the time….) Bonus points if you guess which one is me in the photo.


All in all, my life has been pretty good; I wouldn’t change much. I am enjoying my old and new friends and family and new life. I am home!

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Phyllis Perlman (Ettinger)
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June 18, 1944 Lilydale MN US Business owner / teacher Married 2
Next to my beautiful family - my passion in
life has been working with young children
and being involved in Shih Tzu Rescue of
So looking forward to seeing everyone at
our 50th reunion!  We all have something
special to celebrate.

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Elizabeth (Betsey) Perry
July 04, 1944 Saint Paul MN US Associate Medical Director at Memorial Blood Centers Married 2 Ramsey
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Judith Pfenning (Cleveland )
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April 22, 1944 Fuquay-Varina NC US Retired Married 4
 Married 45 years, living in North Carolina and enjoying our 4 children, and 7 grandchildren!
Hope you all have a great time at the reunion, and I can't believe it has been 50 years!
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Constance (Connie) Pollnow (Brown)
March 03, 1944 Nisswa MN US R.N.,Social Worker Married 4 Homecroft and Ramsey
After high school, I went to Ancker School of Nursing and graduated in 1965 with my R.N. degree. I worked at St. Paul Ramsey in Pediatrics. I married Art Brown in 1965 and have been married to him ever since! We have 4 children: Theresa, actress; Christine, artist; Debora, veterinarian; Timothy, electrical engineer. We have 6 grandchildren with two sets of identical twins born six weeks apart! I went back to school and graduated from St. Catherine University in 1990 with a degree in social work. I am currently working part time as a QRC (Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant) for Alaris. Art and I live on a 25 acre hobby farm in Nisswa, Minnesota. I like kayaking, quilting, reading, spinning wool and gardening. 
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Molly Post
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October 07, 1944 Playa La Mision; Ensenada Baja California MX retired Married 2 Groveland
Since graduating I went to Cornell College in Iowa for three years. I finally graduated from Marymount College in Tarrytown, NY. I’ve lived with various husbands in the Twin Cities, Nyack NY, New York City, Santa Fe, NM and finally 13 years ago I moved to Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico about 40 miles south of San Diego.  My third husband, Arthur, and I love living in a small Mexican community right on the Pacific coast. He travels to Los Angeles frequently to do his work in the film industry.  I’m very involved in the community working on a committee that raises funds to keep local kids in school. We’re currently helping over 100 kids . . . ¼ of those kids are in university.   I’m also doing work for our community’s water company.   We supply water to 150 customers. It has been a huge challenge learning to deal with the Mexican authorities to obtain permission  to dig a well and take water out of it . . . legally.
During my wage earning working life I was in human resources/training.  I worked with an international company and traveled extensively in Europe, Asia and Africa. Toward the end of my career I helped to design, build, start-up and run a conference center on a 1600 acre ranch in New Mexico.  I retired after my second divorce in 1987.
After building our home here in Mexico, I’ve been enjoying getting to know other parts of Mexico. I usually travel to another part of Mexico every year or so. It’s a big and varied country and I’ve got a lot of places yet to visit.   My Spanish is pathetic but I get by and my poor language skills have encouraged and enabled many of my neighbors to learn a lot more English. Gotta put things in a positive light if at all possible.  Last March on our trip to Baja Sur to visit the grey whales in the lagoon where they mate and give birth, I actually kissed a baby whale . . . right on the top of his snout. It’s pretty amazing to be that close to one of these amazing creatures. This baby probably weighted in at 5,000 – 7,000 pounds and his 40,000 pound (give or take a ton or two) mama was right there next to him. The 8 people in our 15 foot panga probably weighed maybe 20% of the calf. There is no question that the whales in the lagoon are curious and willing to connect with us humans.
Our kids . . . Arthur’s daughter and her wife live in Washington, DC with their two children, ages 3 and 1. And my son lives in Redding. CA with his wife and our other 3 year old grandson. 
As so many of us retirees do, I spend a lot of my time picking things up, putting them down and then looking for them. I just do it on the Pacific coast in a wonderful, small community with a huge social life and an even bigger sense of community. Sorry I won’t be able to attend the reunion but, I invite you all to come visit . . . (see our web site(s):              or           
Oh yeah . . . we run a small B&B in our spare time.
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