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Molly Post
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October 07, 1944 Playa La Mision; Ensenada Baja California MX retired Married 2 Groveland
Since graduating I went to Cornell College in Iowa for three years. I finally graduated from Marymount College in Tarrytown, NY. I’ve lived with various husbands in the Twin Cities, Nyack NY, New York City, Santa Fe, NM and finally 13 years ago I moved to Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico about 40 miles south of San Diego.  My third husband, Arthur, and I love living in a small Mexican community right on the Pacific coast. He travels to Los Angeles frequently to do his work in the film industry.  I’m very involved in the community working on a committee that raises funds to keep local kids in school. We’re currently helping over 100 kids . . . ¼ of those kids are in university.   I’m also doing work for our community’s water company.   We supply water to 150 customers. It has been a huge challenge learning to deal with the Mexican authorities to obtain permission  to dig a well and take water out of it . . . legally.
During my wage earning working life I was in human resources/training.  I worked with an international company and traveled extensively in Europe, Asia and Africa. Toward the end of my career I helped to design, build, start-up and run a conference center on a 1600 acre ranch in New Mexico.  I retired after my second divorce in 1987.
After building our home here in Mexico, I’ve been enjoying getting to know other parts of Mexico. I usually travel to another part of Mexico every year or so. It’s a big and varied country and I’ve got a lot of places yet to visit.   My Spanish is pathetic but I get by and my poor language skills have encouraged and enabled many of my neighbors to learn a lot more English. Gotta put things in a positive light if at all possible.  Last March on our trip to Baja Sur to visit the grey whales in the lagoon where they mate and give birth, I actually kissed a baby whale . . . right on the top of his snout. It’s pretty amazing to be that close to one of these amazing creatures. This baby probably weighted in at 5,000 – 7,000 pounds and his 40,000 pound (give or take a ton or two) mama was right there next to him. The 8 people in our 15 foot panga probably weighed maybe 20% of the calf. There is no question that the whales in the lagoon are curious and willing to connect with us humans.
Our kids . . . Arthur’s daughter and her wife live in Washington, DC with their two children, ages 3 and 1. And my son lives in Redding. CA with his wife and our other 3 year old grandson. 
As so many of us retirees do, I spend a lot of my time picking things up, putting them down and then looking for them. I just do it on the Pacific coast in a wonderful, small community with a huge social life and an even bigger sense of community. Sorry I won’t be able to attend the reunion but, I invite you all to come visit . . . (see our web site(s):              or           
Oh yeah . . . we run a small B&B in our spare time.
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Rollie Prawer (Butler)
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September 26, 1944 Boulder CO US Social Worker/Office Manager Married 2 Randolph Hts.
I've lived in Colorado for 39 years, in Denver & now Boulder.  Graduated from U of M in 1966, was in VISTA & worked a couple of years, and then graduated from School of Social Work at U. of Louisville, KY,  in 1971 where I met my husband Richard.  After graduation, we worked in Guatemala, and then lived for a couple of years in MN, where our first daughter, Eleana, was born.  Weather being too cold for a Texan, & Texas too cold for a MN, we settled between our families in Colorado, just right!  Our second daughter, Shawna, was born in 1976.  I worked as a social worker for over 25 years; when we moved to Boulder I became Office Manager for the domestic violence/social justice program where I've worked for almost 25 years.  We love the mountains & lakes, and spending time with our daughters, family & friends. 
I won't be at the reunion, but hope you all have a fabulous time. 
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John Pritchard
January 30, 1944 stillwater MN US retired Married 2 Randolph Heights
 I am retired, happily married, two children, 5 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren! I am in the process of restoring a 1928 Model A Ford Leatherback.  I also spend a lot of time babysitting my great-grandchildren. 

Feel free to contact me. Looking forward to the reunion. 
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Susan Pritchard (Pritchard (Weinberger))
January 30, 1944 The Villages FL US retired R.N. Married 4 Randolph Heights

Living in The Villages - the  Disney World for adults.  I'm sure it's also the largest geriatric community in the world!  Remarried for 36 years in June, raised four boys so now it's time to play.  Looking forward to the reunion.



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Jan Quilling (Munson)
October 18, 1944 St. Paul MN retired teacher Married 2 Highland Junior High
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Cynthia (Cindy) Raitt (Devereaux)
July 02, 1944 La Crosse WI US Mentor Teacher in Early Childhood Education Married 2
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Paul Ratwik
December 21, 1944 St. Paul MN US retired Married 3 MattocksE
Contrary to the statement in the twenty year reunion pamphlet, I was not then, nor am I now, divorced.  Anita and I have been married for 44 years.  We have three children and three grandsons, all of whom live nearby.  Spending time with the grandsons has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

I attended the University of Minnesota, as did all five of my sisters, and then the U of M Law School.  After graduation I served three plus years as a Law Officer in the Coast Guard, stationed in Miami, Florida.

After returning to Minnesota I joined a trial defense firm in St. Paul and two years later moved to a lawfirm that concentrated  its practice on the representation of school districts.  In 1987 three other attorneys from that lawfirm and I formed our own lawfirm (Ratwik, Roszak and Maloney, P. A,) and I practiced there for twenty-three years until retiring at the end of 2010.

I am still adjusting to the idea that it is okay to not be sure just what day of the week today is.  I no longer have the urge to tell midday grocery shoppers to get back to work. 
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Nancy Resnick (Kiefer)
August 07, 1944 San JUan Capistrano CA US Retired Married 3 Horace Mann, Groveland, Highland Park
My husband Bob, (retired sheriff) and I (retired real estate broker) have been married 46 years and have six grandchildren. Three grandsons live next door, one grandaughter lives with us and two live nearby in Carlsbad. We enjoy being close to the beaches and quaint beach towns around us. My husband surfs almost daily while I walk the harbor or beach trails. We keep it pretty simple with family and friends and travel whenever we can.
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Arlene Risedorph (Oium)
December 09, 1944 St Paul MN US Retired Divorced 3 Randolph Heights
Retired almost three years ago after 35 years as Office Manager / Executive Assistant for a national out-of-home advertising company.￿ I
have three grown children and seven grand-
children ages 20 - 5.￿ Life is good and retirement
is better.
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Arthur Ritter
March 05, 1944 Las Vegas NV US Consultant Married 2 Mattocks Elementary, Highland Parl Jr. HS
Still crazy ... after all these years.


Arthur W. Ritter
Art grew up in St. Paul Minnesota, the oldest of three boys. Each went through the public school system – Mattocks Elementary, Highland Park Jr HS, Saint Paul Central (his Dad’s alma Mater) and on the University of Minnesota (both Dad’s and Mom’s Alma Mater).  Each grew up in Macalester Presbyterian Church, on the edge of Macalester College.  Each went through Scouting from Cubs to Explorers, and each become an Eagle Scout.  Their Dad would have received the “Silver Beaver” Award for service to Scouting on behalf of his boys – except for the one-year break between the two older brothers finishing with the Explorer Post and their younger brother beginning with the Pack.  Mom’s family hosted the summers at their lake cottages in Northern Wisconsin – where these Minnesotans learned to fish, swim, water ski – and drive the power boats they built at home over the winters.
Graduation from the University of Minnesota sent the boys three ways: the youngest into journalism (he is now one of the five science writers for the Associated Press in New York), the middle into teaching and then in to the ministry (having served in the pulpit, at his seminary, and at the Presbyterian Foundation as its Vice President for Development, he now owns a private fund-raising firm serving non-profits around the world, and is the Development Director for Eastside Neighborhood Services in “nordeast” Minneapolis), and Art (the Electrical Engineer who “majored in ROTC,” according to the Dean of Electrical Engineering) to the United States Air Force.  

Art flew in combat in Viet Nam, served wing and major command staffs, and commanded a squadron that brought a new weapon system from full-scale development to operational status.

During his military career, Art served under men on their way to become, for example, the first head of the Department of Defense Test and Evaluation (upon its creation), the Commandant of the Air Force Academy, The Commander of the Tactical Air Command, the Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force, and the Chief of Staff of the Air Force.  This “school in residence” provided unparalleled insight into how great leaders develop – and into how very large organizations operate in the clash of competition for and allocation of scarce resources with which to achieve missions of national importance.
He also earned Master’s Degrees in both Public and Business Administration (Troy State and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, respectively), served on the Board of Directors of the Quality and Productivity Institute in Nevada, and on the faculty of the US Senate Productivity Award, both teaching the examiners and participating with them in business, health care, and academic applicant examinations for this Malcolm Baldrige-based award.

With these experiences and upon retirement from the Air Force, he launched his private management consulting practice , serving both public sector and private sector clients – from one-deep product businesses to major research public institutions.
He returned full-time to Nellis Air Force Base as a contractor after 911, providing six years of technical writing services and advice on Air Force weapons test design, planning, and reporting.  While there as the task lead, he provided technical proposal consulting to the $26+ Billion technical services company (Anteon - and then General Dynamics) and ran the recruiting and selection processes to staff the contractor support to the client’s five fighter test teams (A-10, F-15C and F-15E, F-16, and F-22).  Several of these teams have won national awards.

Today, his consulting company provides management and business start-up, tune-up, strategy, process design, and owner-exit strategy advice to owner-entrepreneurs, non-profit Boards, churches and faith-based services ministries, the defense industry and government (on operational test issues), and other consulting services for clients, primarily in Nevada. Through an associate, he also provides professional website content expression advice to executives looking for work in the 6 to 7-figure range across the country.

He and his family have remained involved in their church throughout Art’s military career – across the country and around the world.

A Presbyterian all his life, Art is has been ordained and has served both as an Elder and (with his wife) as a Deacon in his local church. He is an Elder-Commissioner from his local church to the Nevada Presbytery, serving the Presbytery as: its Southern Nevada delegate to the Religious Alliance In Nevada, its Committee on Preparation for the Ministry, its Personnel Committee, as its Vice Moderator and, this year as its Moderator - and as one of its Commissioners to the Synod of the Pacific which he also serves as a member of the Nominating and Mission Personnel Committees.

Art is married to his college sweetheart (some may remember the Arch of Sabres in their wedding just after his graduation), Georgia (Cossor - White Bear Lake HS, '63), who runs the gift shop she has owned (and moved as the Air Force transferred Art) for 34 years - Le Melange GIFTS & Collectibles. They have two married daughters (one a high school English English-Yearbook teacher, the other a sign-language interpreter for the deaf), two great sons-in-law (one a high school Vice-Principal, the other (a retired military inspector and trainer of Air Force ammunition units - now a warehouse receiving supervisor), and three grandchildren in high school and college (!) and who are just the lights of their grandparents' lives.  For even more, see
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