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Maxine Statland (Syrjamaki) Los Angeles CA US Retired - CFO Married Randolph
 I am so proud to have been a member of this class.  Unfortunately, I will not be at the reunion.
After HS, I attended the U of M and lived at Comstock with my dear friend, Marcy Shapiro. While at the U , I met my husband, John, a "Ranger" from Chisholm. In 1972, we moved to Los Angeles  so John could attend USC Film school while I continued working  and took accounting classes at UCLA.  I received my CPA, worked as auditor for KPMG and for 24 years was CFO at Jefferies, stock brokerage.  I have had wonderful visits over the years with Marcy, Sondy, Marda, Andrea and others. I enjoy your updates and the memory jogs.
Reading the list of departed classmates was so surprising and sad. The hardest thing in my life was losing my dear brother, Bernie Statland in 2004 to brain cancer,  He was a graduate of Central and U OF M Medical and Law Schools. 
I am happy to report I enjoy retirement and living in West LA.  My activities include walking and Pilates.  

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Carol Steenberg (Mielke)
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October 07, 1944 Summerfield FL US Retired Married 2 Homecroft, Highland, Mattocks, (Highland, Mattocks again), Highland Jr. High
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Reg Steer
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July 16, 1945 San Francisco CA US Lawyer Married 2 Highland, Webster
Like so many of us, I got my B.A. from the U of M and then, with a remarkable group of Central classmates, went on to graduate from the Law School in 1969.  Uncle Sam offered me a commission in the Army JAG Corps, and I graciously accepted.  It changed my life - I met people from all walks of American life, spent 13 months in Korea, traveled around Asia and tried a variety of fascinating cases.  (My first jury trial ever was the defense of a murder case.)  The Army made up for Korea by stationing me in the Bay Area in 1971, and I have lived in San Francisco ever since.  In 1973 I joined Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro, where I practiced commercial litigation for 28 years.  Now I am with another big firm (Akin Gump, etc.); I helped open the San Francisco office.  In 1982, at the insistence of a former girlfriend, I met Marianne Spizzy, and I quickly realized that she was the most elegant and interesting woman I had met, so we were married a short time later.  We have two sons, Derek (27), who is an avid athlete (no idea where that comes from) and works in a San Francisco tech firm,, and Trevor (25), a terrific musician who lives and works in L.A. Marianne (a former Pan Am flight attendant) and I love to travel, so we try to take a major trip every year or so.  I am still working full-time and we both devote a lot of time to working on non-profit matters.  I can hardly wait to attend this reunion.
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Jean Tarbell (Bardy)
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September 19, 1944 Springfield MO US retired Married 1 Randolph Heights

Graduated from University of Minnesota and taught in St. Paul and Mahtomedi, MN. “Retired” to a farm in Forest Lake, MN to raise my son Erik. 1979 moved to Broken Arrow, OK and then in 1990 to Lubbock, TX. “Retired” again after 18 years as Director of Volunteer Services/ Training Resources at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine, remarried and moved to Springfield.

Happy highlights of my life are my family and friends, especially my husband Jim, my son Erik, several step children, grandchildren and their families. I love to travel, snorkel, golf, fish, watch birds, garden, volunteer in the communities where I live and teach whenever possible. One deep sadness, in 2001 my twin brother, Harlan Tarbell, died unexpectedly…. he is greatly missed and is always in our hearts. I treasure life and daily blessings.

 A favorite quote of mine:
"There are two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."   Albert Einstein

I will miss the reunion but am enjoying all the updates.  Sending special blessings and well wishes to everyone from 1962 Central.  We grew up and shared life in a special time and place.  I am grateful.
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Mike Tenney
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October 11, 1944 Excelsior MN CPA Married 3 Mattocks, Highland Jr High
I went to the U of MN after Central, became a CPA and I'm still practicing (hoping to get it right). My wife Barby and I have 3 boys and 5 grandchildren. We enjoy biking, traveling and "the lake" like all good Minnesotans. Send Mike a MessageSend Mike a Message
Tom Tompkins
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August 20, 1944 Beaverton OR US Retired Married Highland Park Jr. High
Central High seemed like a continuation of the fast times we had at Highland Jr. High. With the changing of schools we lost the newness, air conditioning (more on this later) and a great cafeteria  but gained more classmates, the cardiac arrest stairs, mobility and late nights.
Life was good.
Luckily for me my best friend Jim Flowers was one the first classmates to get a driver license. If his cars back seats could talk. 
Just before graduation a certain Algrebra teacher enjoyed my presence in her classroom so much she decided to flunk me so I would return the following year. Summer school corrected that and I graduated. Let me tell you, that old Central High School building in August, in Minnesota left a misomath scar.
Graduated from Dunnwoody Industrial Institute  Design Engineering (more math and Algrebra) nailed it this time.
Enlisted in the Army Airborne Reserve then was reassigned to the 360th PSYOP at Ft. Snelling, MN
Spent three summers working on my tan at Lake Nokomis while working on the railroad nights.Then a couple of years working at the Ford plant days and the railroad nights.
In the fall of 1968 Gwen Ahue, a NWA stewardess from Hawaii, and I had our first date.
The following year I went to work for Haas Displays in Minneapolis as a cabinetmaker. Just after Gwen and I married in May 1970 I was asked to drive a truck around the Midwest with a traveling Andersen Windows exhibit. After six months on the road Andersen Windows asked me to come work with them. First in service then in sales and after fourteen months in Bayport Minnesota I was assigned the Chicago sales territory.
After three years in Chicago I turned down a work transfer to Long Island and Gwen and I moved to Oregon. Andersen Windows was the greatest company to work for and it was hard to say no to the transfer.
We bought our first house in Portland and after that I started in commercial real estate sales, followed by contracting the tenant development of shopping malls.
In 1981 I started buying and selling excess business equipment and opened Wacky Willy's Surplus, much like Axman surplus in the Twin Cities. Wacky Willy's grew to three stores and a 40,000 sq ft warehouse.
In 2006 I sold Wacky Willy's to my employees than sold a building one of the store occupied and retired.
I spent one year putzing around then accepted a position with Freightliner Trucks here in Portland. I sold Freightliner class 8 trucks until the company sold their dealerships to private investors. Freightliner manufacturing moved to North Carolina and I stayed here and retired for the second time.
In 2011 I contracted with Nissan North Amercia to "roll out" or introduce the new Nissan commercial truck in the Northwest.
After six months I let the contract expire and retired for the third time.
The sayings go "the third time is a charm" and "three strikes your out" I'm beginning to believe it's the latter of the two because Social Security sure isn't cutting it!
Gwen retired from Northwest Airlines after 42 continuous years and is enjoying her flower gardening and cats.
I still enjoy collecting classic cars and collecting and racing vintage racecars.
Hope to see you all in August.
Thank you all 50th Reunion Committee Members and a very special thank you to Jim Flowers and his parents whom inspired me with the motivation to realize "someday"

The last two and a half years I have been traveling the Pacific Northwest and viewing the beautifull scenery through the windshield of my big rig. Yep, Iam now a over the road trucker good buddy delivering live plants throughout Washington and Oregon. Home almost every night which make for long 14 hour days but a short work week. Been kinda fun.
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Mary Trafton (Lang)
December 28, 1944 Arvada CO US Retired RN Divorced 3
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Janice Uggen (Johnson)
August 03, 1944 Bloomington MN US retired Married Mattocks
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Arthur Videen
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September 27, 1944 St. Paul MN US Artist Divorced 1
 Immediately, after high school I joined to Army then, the Airborne, the 5th Special Forces and I went to Vietnam 1964. From 66’ to 70’ I attended the U of M for a BFA. Got married. Then I moved to Oregon and became a bricklayer/stone Mason. I love to create things and don’t think I’ve made to same thing twice.

Currently, I’m making stainless steel and fabric sculpture and writing a book entitled “An Artist View”.

I am divorced and have a son, daughter-in-law, and two grand kids. 

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Kathy Walker (Johnston)
June 25, 1944 Saint Paul MN US Retired Married Gordon
After graduation, I attended Augsburg college.  I had short stints with the FAA and with Control Data.  I then began my 45 year airline career working for Eastern Airlines, Northwest Airlines, and Delta Air Lines.  With Eastern, I lived in Chicago for 5 years and spent alot of time in South Florida as a trainer at their corporate headquarters.   We have enjoyed traveling to many parts of the world.  My husband, Roger, and I were married for 34 years and were best friends.  He passed away in December 2013.  I live in the Mac/Groveland area (Wilder Park) and I love running into friends who are still in the neighborhood. Send Kathy a MessageSend Kathy a Message
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