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Philip Weber
June 13, 1944 Minnetonka MN US Retired Married 2
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Robert Weinstine
April 21, 1944 Minneapolis MN US Attorney Married 2
After graduation from St. Paul Central in 1962, I went on to the University of Minnesota and graduated in 1966. I was awarded Phi Beta Kappa. In the fall of 1966, I entered law school at the University of Minnesota. I was the editor of the Law Review and graduated Order of Coif in 1969. 
I started practicing law with Oppenheimer, Hodgson, Brown, Wolff and Leach in St. Paul in 1969 and I remained there until February of 1979 when I, and five other lawyers at the firm, founded Winthrop & Weinstine. We now office in Minneapolis and have more than 100 attorneys. Over the years, I have specialized in commercial litigation, largely concentrating in jury work. I am still engaged fulltime. 
I married Judy Tilsner (class of 1963) in June of 1966. We were divorced and I am now married to Barbara.
My oldest son, Danny, was born shortly before I graduated law school in April of 1969. Regrettably, Danny passed away in June of 2009. Danny left a wonderful grandson named Eddie. I actively participate in the raising of this young man who is 16 years of age. My son, Tony, was born in March of 1971. Tony is quite successful in commercial real estate and has a five year old son named Liam. My daughter, Elizabeth “Buffy”, was born in 1975 and she has an eleven year old son named Benji.
Our family is extraordinarily close and get together for lunch or dinner at least once a week and all holidays.
I continue to work out every single day. I no longer can run every day, but I am still at it about three days a week. The remaining four days I do the elliptical and lift weights. I remain a veracious reader and attempt to complete at least two novels a week. I also draw political cartoons. 
Barbara and I have a beautiful home in the red mountains in southern Utah. I wish we could get out there more often, where we love to hike, play golf, ride bikes, etc., but I am going to have slow down and ease out of my practice before we can spend more time there.
I am looking so very forward to seeing all of my classmates.
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Richard Wenzel
September 17, 1944 Arden Hills MN US `Retired Married 3
Jon wiener
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May 16, 1944 Los angeles CA US Professor of History, U of Calif., Irvine Married
Paul Crane said to me recently about his own kids, "in history classes they are studying our lives" -- and that's the kind of classes I've been teaching for the last several decades, as a history professor at UC Irvine: "America in the 1950s" and "Cold War Culture." So my job has been to think about, read about, and try to explain the world in which we grew up. I've also just finished a book about how the Cold War is being remembered--and forgotten. 

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Dianne Wilson (Hart)
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July 07, 1944 Kansas City MO US Retired Married 2 Gordon

Life is good!!!  Al Hart and I were married in 1966.  We have 2 married daughters and 4 granddaughters (ages 8-16).  We lived in the Twin Cities area until 1989 and then moved to Kansas City, MO.  We love being retired, and we love to travel!  We are looking forward to the class reunion in August!!!

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John Walter Wilson Jr (Memorial)
May 04, 1944 St Paul MN US PFC Marine Corps

John Walter Wilson Jr was mortally wounded 12/10/1965 while serving his country in Quang Nam Province South Vietnam.  PFC Wilson was awarded the Purple Heart posthumously after he made the ultimate sacrifice for his country.The class of 1962 honors him and thanks him for his service. May he rest in pease.

Clicking the link below will take you to John's Vietnam War Memorial Page
Michael Windey
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July 19, 1944 Ottertail '' US Retired as a Recreation Director from the City of St Paul Married 2

Hi everyone, we learned a lot at Central and I bet each one of us has stories to tell.  After High School, I joined the Navy. I was on a LSD-20 USS Donner.  After the Navy I went to the U of Minnesota, I Graduated in 1972 with a degree in Recreation Administration.  I retired after 39 years with the City of St Paul, as a Recreation Director.  I am married to Diane for 29 years.  We have two great kids, Michelle and Peter.  I retired and moved up North to the City of Ottertail,
Over the years, I have stayed in volved with the Ottertail  community and now I am one of there councilman.   Stay active, stay happy, see you at the reunion. 

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Bob Winston
December 20, 1943 Tulsa OK US Semi-retired...Harley Davidson Sales Married 4 University High

Spent 3 years at the U of M in Mortuary Science but never finished.  Started my own business in HVAC industry along with another classmate Jim Buck.  Maried, had three kids before a divoice in 1983.  Remarried to my present wife of 25 years, Cantor Deb Winston.  We moved to Asheville NC (in the Blue Ridge mountains) so she could take a pulpit. Just left Asheville after 9 years and are now in Tulsa OK.  I'm semi retired and working for my son who runs a very successful Harley dealership (talk about turn around!).  We're loving it here.  Have a total of 4 boys, youngest has another year in Public Health at UNC Charlotte then may move to Tulsa to be with us.  5 grand kids (scattered from Phoenix to the twin cities).  Live's been good...people say I haven't changed much.  Will try to get a picture up.  Feel free to drop me a note...would love to correspond.

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Hilary younger (Rosenberg)
August 22, 1944 Boca Raton, FL US retired Divorced 1
where to begin..married in 1965 , attended Uof M, major Music and minor in Business, spent time in my music career for several years as a j azz solist . My eldest son Michael was born in 1968 .  and sadly passed away in 2005. Divorced;  My second son lives in New York and I have 3 wonderful grandsons!! The joy of my life. returned to college attained my business degree in technology. spent many years as a Global Director at AT&T, retired and went on to do many arts projects in the communities where I spend my divided time. 6Travel between New York, Minneapolis and South Florida.  Send Hilary a MessageSend Hilary a Message
Jerry Youngquist
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March 17, 1944 North Branch MN US Retired Navy/IT Married 3
Living the dream with Diane (married 25 years).  We have lived in North Branch for the past 11+ years.  Both retired, I still do music but have switched to piano (sax is too much work... retired, you know). Diane and I keep busy with volunteer stuff and just having fun.
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