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Larry Fine
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July 01, 1943 Wellington FL US Wholesale clothing manufacture represenative (retired) Married

We have 3 wonderful children, and 5 funloving grandchildren all nearby here in sunny West Palm Beach.  My lovely wife Norma (the Bronx) of 42 years & we enjoy traveling the world.

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John Flaskerud
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September 11, 1944 La Jolla CA US Retired Married 1 Randolph Heights

After leaving Central, I graduated from St  Olaf and the U of M School of Medicine. I interned in Sacramento,Ca and was drafted into the Navy near the end of Viet Nam and served as a general medical officer in Guam and then completed a Radiology residency at the Naval Hospital in San Diego.  After seven years in the Navy, I met my wife, Jackie, and we were married. She taught at UCLA and I practiced radiology in Ventura County California until my wife and I retired to San Diego. I have a stepson and two grandchildren , ages 7 and 4.  We keep busy with extensive travel, birdwatching, classes, and my hobby of photography.

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Jim Flowers
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June 11, 1943 St Paul MN US Marketing Management Retired Married 2 Randolph, Highland Jr High

I look back at my time at Central with great fondness.  Not so much for the education but as a place where I could meet my friends and plan the evenings and weekends social activities.

Shortly after graduating from CHS I enlisted in the Army where I served for three years in the paratroopers.     After proving the laws of gravity were still working, and not wanting to press my luck too far, I returned to civilian life.  There, I traded in my combat gear for   tee-shirt, jeans and loafers (no socks of course) ,and became a student again.   I was anxious to see if the University of St Thomas could succeed where Central had failed – that is to teach me something.  It was difficult for them as well; however after awhile I wore them down and they conferred a bachelor’s degree in business upon me, I think mostly to have me gone.  Upon entering the business world it was not long before it was clear a Masters Degree was necessary to compete successfully, so I returned to St Thomas.  Believe me they were not happy, but as before they conferred an MBA upon me in 1977.

While all of this was going on I met Molly McKasy in Tiffany’s and she swept me off my feet.  We were married in Jackson Hole Wyoming a year later.

Now comes the hard part, where did those thirty years in business go and how did I end up with two boys and four grand children and where are those boys when I need them to lift something heavy?

Finally realizing that I was a little too liberal to make a fortune in business I gave up trying and retired in 2006.   Fortunately, I had many outside interests before retirement so the transition has been almost transparent.  While some physical issues now prevent me from skiing and wade fishing my beloved western rivers, I still enjoy my photography, watercolors, tennis, gardening, reading non-fiction and international travel.  We also have a lake place in northern Minnesota which keeps us busy all summer.  

I would like to thank the reunion committee for their effort – Great Job!   

Further, a long overdue thanks’ to Assistant  Principal P. O. Carlson  for expediting the process of reinstatement when a certain band of brigands were outed  after being recognized in the St Paul paper for some volunteer work they had done to assist flood victims on the Mississippi river. How could you miss that red jeep with all those smiling faces?  Mr. Carlson was kind enough to allow a mass reinstatement, sort of like a class action reinstatement.  It saved a lot of time.  Like a consent decree; we all swore we didn’t do anything wrong and promised never to do it again.   Thanks Phil!


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Jeffrey Flynn
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November 15, 1944 Hot Springs Village US Retired Married 2 Horace Mann & James J. Hill Schools
Past Memory from Ruby Moe’s Class: “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, but sorry I cannot travel both . . .” Robert Frost
After high school:
Sergeant USAF
System Engineer & System Analyst Large Systems; Control Data Corp. Plymouth & Arden Hills MN
System Analyst & Consultant; Control Data Middle East, Tehran, Iran
Principle Analyst & Project Leader; Control Data Cyber 200 Super Computer Data Center, Arden Hills, MN
Software Engineer; ETA Systems, St. Paul, MN
Consultant; Control Data Energy Management Systems, Plymouth, MN
Staff Software Engineer & Technical Project Leader; Siemens Power Transmission & Distribution, INC, Minnetonka, MN – Various Projects Dairy Land Power, Wisc; Omaha Power& Light, NB; National Grid, England; Power Grid, New Delhi, India; Northern States Power, MN;  Texas Utilities, TX; Isreal Electric Co., Israel
I retired in 2005 after I won the big LOTTO (just kidding about the LOTTO)
I am Married with two sons and bragging rights to two grand children.
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Dog: Scottie-pooh
Favorite Drink: Vodka Martini (but for special occasions – Beef Eaters Gin)
I regret that I won’t be attending the festivities in August. But for those that go, have a wonderful time.
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Barbara Fortmeier (Bennett)
February 18, 1944 Seattle WA US retired Married 3 Randolph Heights and Highland Park Junior High
I graduated from UM where I received BA and Master's degree.  I married Curt Bennett and we have three adult childern.  We moved to Seattle for his pediatric training and never left.  I did medical editing for a while but mostly raised the kids and nurtured Curt's academic career at the University of Washington.  Where have the years gone?
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Barbara Frishberg (Frank)
August 04, 1944 Golden Valley/ Estero, FL 33928 MN US Retired REALTOR and Pre-School Teacher Married 2 Groveland Park
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Patricia (Patty) Fry (Meister)
June 09, 1944 Cloquet US Retired Married 2 Gordon
David and I have been married 47 years, and have 2 sons and 4 grandchildren. We were transferred to Cloquet with David's job  in 1973 for "one year" and are still here.  The cooler temperatures and shorter summers took some adjustment time, but we love living here, and it was a wonderful place to raise our sons.  We enjoyed a seasonal trailer at a nearby lake until last year when we decided keeping up two places was getting to be too much work. We enjoy traveling and occasionally escaping some of the winter weeks. Some health issues will prevent our attendance at the reunion, and I'm  sorry to miss what I know will be a wonderful time. Send Patricia (Patty) a MessageSend Patricia (Patty) a Message
Ellen Gantman (Greenberg)
March 06, 1944 Ft. Myers FL US retired Married 2 Randolph Heights
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Diane (Dee) Geery (LaForte)
September 03, 1944 IL US retired domestic engineer 2
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Wendy Gislason (Matthews)
December 06, 1944 St. Paul MN US Retired teacher Widowed 3 Groveland
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