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Angel Glickman (Crandall)
February 10, 1944 Sunfish Lake MN US Retired Married 3
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Toby Godes (Markus)
March 22, 1944 Mendota Heights MN US Retired Single Again 3 Randolph Heights and Groveland

Retired Hair Dresser . Volunteer at the Sholom Home twice a week, Three girls living out of town. Two grandchildren. Ask me questions at the renunion.


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Carol Goldstein
July 25, 1944 St. Paul & Orange Cty., California MN Teacher (semi retired) Single Linwood
   While studying at the University of Minnesota,  I  participated in two wonderful, enlightening study abroad programs  to Mexico  & Israel.
    After graduation I taught  in junior highs in suburban NYC and locally.  I'm still teaching part time  and enjoy it.        
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Mike Grady
Profile picture
Profile picture
January 28, 1944 Gold Canyon AZ US Retire Married 2 Linwood

Wow!  What have I been up to the past 50 years!  Married in 1971 to HS sweetheart Mary Felhaber (spc class of 61), we have been married ever since, I am unaware of any plans for this to change.   

Business took us to Wisconsin in 1972.  We adopted two infant baby boys, one in 1978 and the other in 1982.  We raised our family in Appleton, WI until the youngest was 18 at which time we, Mary and I, moved to Arizona to get the hell out of the winters.  One of our boys lives in Madison, WI and the other in Appleton, WI.  One of these days we will let the boys know we have moved to Arizona.

We, Mary and I, moved to Arizona in 2000, and have been here ever since.  We spend a few summer months in Big Sky, Montana where we have owned a “ski house” for over 20 years.  110 summer temps in Arizona in the summer are 2 degrees more than I can take.  Also, Montana has no sales tax so I think I am getting away with something when I go there.

I am sure like many of you, I am shocked to see the number of our classmates that are “our departed”.  Thank you to the Reunion Committee for putting it so gently.  And, thank you also for not putting my name on that list.

On a brighter side, our class of 1962 has been fortunate to be born when we were.  I suspect the majority of us have had amazingly wonderful prosperous lives.  The technology in golf balls alone is enough to get down on your knees and be thankful.  Wow!  How about Viagra!

On a personal note,  Jud Hilton do you remember the day (night) we were darting around in your jeep and we tipped over and slid across that poor bastard’s front yard on Summit Avenue?  Why the hell do I still get a kick out of thinking of this.  By the way, love the Harley!

Diane Geery, I am so sorry I did not realize you were so hot until many years after we were in grade school together.  Also, sorry some of us egged your house that one Halloween.

Bob Weinstine, how the hell can you still look so beautiful?  Congratulations, and yes, I would love to meet you in St. George.  Also, please say hey to Steve and Mayonnaise for me.

Roy Meyers, thank you for making me laugh as much as you did.  I am indebted to you, and I hope you have had a wonderful life so far.

I could go on and on about personal memories, however that would only bore whoever is reading this even more.  To all the rest of my classmates, as I think back all those years I keep coming up with the same thought.  That thought is that I wish I was much nicer to all of you during the wonderful years we had together.

Thank you Reunion Committee for donating all the time and effort you have provided.

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Jim Greenlee
March 10, 1944 Mesa AZ US Retired Married 2 Marshall

Spent 8 years in the USAF Security Service from 1962 - 1970. Been married for 47 years to the same wonderful woman.  I have 5 wonderful grandkids ranging from 21 to a 5 year old Granddaughter, (wonder who is spoiled?) Still do some consulting work in the hospitality field other than that really enjoy playing golf.

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Jack Grimm
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May 13, 1944 Louisville KY US semi retired Separated 4 Randolph Heights
After leaving Central, I spent 4 years at the University of Minnesota.
In the fall of 1966 I was drafted into the Army.  I spent a year at Ft. Belvoir, VA before being sent to Vietnam, the Mekong Delta , and the    9th Infantry Division.  Returning to the US, I spent an additional year in Virginia leaving active service as a Captain.
  At age 38 I married and acquired 4 step children.  Shortly after my marriage began, I entered treatment for alcohol dependency and remain  substance free, "One Day at a Time."   I became a Substance Abuse Evaluator and Case Manager, working for several hospitals and a managed care company.
  In 1998 my wife and I moved to Louisville, Kentucky.  A few years after our move, we separated and my wife returned to Minnesota.
  I remain in Louisville where I work as a security consultant, enjoying  the semi retired life style.
  I live by myself with my  Pit Bull, Binx, and a cat.   Life goes on. I'm looking forward to the reunion.
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Judy Grohs (Harvey)
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October 21, 1944 Duluth MN US Ret Dir of Vol Ser St. Luke's Widowed 3 Groveland, Highland Jr Hi

Life after Central.

 Attended U of M and graduated with a degree in Dental Hygiene.

 Married-1965- Jim Fellman.  Following his graduation from Dental School-lived in San Diego, CA and Adak, Alaska.  Continued DH in CA, key punch operator in Alaska, DH in Mps., St. Paul and Duluth. 

 Children-Glen 1969 now in Durham NC with wife Kate and children Liam and Elena. 1972-Craig-in Duluth, MN with wife Jen, and children Jack, Emma and Lucy.  1974, Ann, now in Mpls with husband Brennan Jones.

 Moved to Duluth in 1971, continued DH until 1974.  Volunteered for Episcopal Church, children’s activities and various community organizations and boards.

 Divorced in 1984.  Back to school for BS degree in Community Health and psychology.  Worked for a neurosurgeon and then St. Luke’s Hospital as Director of Volunteer Services for 18 years, retiring in 2006.

  Married, Bob Harvey, FBI, in 1994 after dating for 7 years.  Added two grown step children and now 3 step grandchildren.

 In between, raising my children and working, my hobbies have included golf, gardening, tennis, exercise classes and weight lifting, knitting, cross country skiing, biking, walking (used to be runner-several half marathons and one marathon) and dog training in agility, obedience and Rally.

In 2008, purchased a coach home in Estero, FL and have spent 6 weeks in the Fall and 2 ½ months in the Spring in FL.  I still love snow, skiing and hockey.

On December 23, 2011 my husband, Bob, died suddenly and unexpectedly of natural causes.  My family, friends, Faith and activities are helping me redefine life without Bob.

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Robert Grossman
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February 09, 1944 Lakeville MN US Orthodontist Married 2 Groveland>Horace Mann>Groveland>Highland Jr High
 UMD 62-63, UofM 63-70 with BS, DDS, MSD degrees. Practice in Burnsville 70 to 2012. Lake home in Crosslake area since 1988. Member of all the local and national dental societies, Member of peer review committee of St Paul District Dental Society, charter member of Burnsville rotary 1976 to 2012, Pres Whitefish Narrows home owners association, associate professor in ortho dept at UofM from 2002 to 2012. Retired May 1, 2012 after 42 years making smiles in Burnsville, still maintain a small practice in Crosslake, MN
Married Lynae in 1968, two daughters, Lisa age 32 with one 10 month old grandson, Laura age 36.
Interests - Sailboat racing on Minnetonka 1970 - 1978, Ski out west at least once a winter 5 years of helli skiing in British Columbia, biking, just learning golf. 
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Donald Gruber
October 30, 1944 St. Paul MN US Retired Married 2 Groveland Park Elementary

Recounting the activities of my life during the past fifty years is a daunting task, but here goes…  After high school, I went to Beloit College, in Beloit, WI and then back here for Law School at the University of Minnesota.  I had the distinct pleasure, when beginning Law School, of joining the same car pool that I had been in for my senior year at Central; there were more than a dozen of Central kids in my Law School Class.  It is nice to have friends everywhere.


Then I spent four years in the US Navy, as the Legal Officer of NAS Jacksonville, doing mostly discipline work; it was quite an eye-opener for a guy like me.  I attended Naval Justice School in Rhode Island with Paul Ratwik, a lifelong friend, who was then a Coast Guard attorney, and from there we were both stationed in Florida.


After my time in the service, I returned to St. Paul and I have lived ever since in Macalester Groveland.   I worked for nearly 34 years at Minnesota Mutual Life Insurance Co. (Now Minnesota Life and part of the Securian Financial Group), as part of its law staff, where I specialized in variable life insurance and annuity products, investment company matters and the like.   I have been retired for almost five years.


During that time I have remained active in my church, including choir singing for many years, and I have kept a lively interest in the YMCA.  In retirement, I work now as a volunteer groundskeeper at YMCA Camp St. Croix where I was on the summer staff so long ago.   I was the Chief Volunteer Officer of the St. Paul YMCA just about a decade ago.   Rosemary and I will celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary in just a bit; what a wonderful time we had have together over the years.  We have two daughters, one here and one in California, and three grandchildren, two here and one in California. 



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Glen Gustafson
Profile picture
Profile picture
January 05, 1944 Bayfield CO US Retired Divorced 6 Ramsey
 After graduation, I went the expected route to the U of M where I successfully squandered a year.   In January of 1964, I found myself in San Diego, California at the Marine recurit depot.  For a three year commitment, I got to visit California, North Carolina, Vietnam, and Okinawa. While with the 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines at Chu Lai in 1965-1966,  I was WIA one year to the day before Lt. Tom Shannon was KIA in vietnam.  Having been discharged, I was able to attend Shannon's memorial service at Ft. Snelling National Cementary in uniform.

Returning to the University of Minnesota in the fall of 1967, I was able to overcome the earlier mistakes and graduated in 1971.  While ineligible to compete at the colligate level, I ran the Boston Marathon in 1969 and placed 82nd.

After a brief stint as a grant request writer in St. Paul's Super Mayor Administration, I took to flying with Easter Airlines as steward/flight attendant.  My mom & dad had always dreamed of going around the world, those arrangements were made courtesy of airline benefits.  

It was during this period that marriage became a part of my life, interrupting snow skiing and other such mundane activities.  

Becoming a licensed general contractor was the avenue opened to me with all the free time at Eastern.

I have a half-dozen adult children spread hither and yon, which affords me the opportunity to travel to visit my 14 grandchildren.

In the 90's participation in "The Run for The Wall", a motorcycle ride from L. A, to D. C. became a must event.  I was honored to be selected from the group to lay a wreath at "The Tomb of the Unknown" at Arlington Cemetary one year.

All this without tribute to: Eva Malmon for teaching that writing is a wonderful way of expression.  Also to Stanton Thorsen and Mr. Dunkle for their math standard position.  And finally to Mr. Ring who was a sniper scout in Europe during WWII, would be meaningless.  

Retirement has given me the opportunity to enjoy all of the wonderful people I have met and continue to meet along the way, including all of you classmates.

I'll never be as old as Chuck Knapton, but that's another story.  
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