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Clayton Hamilton (Deceased)
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May 20, 1944 Woodbury MN US Chemist Single Washburn HS in Mpls.
50 years goes by all too fast, military service was from March 1965 to October 1993, finished BS in chemistry with a math minor.  I still write computer programs, and work on math algorithms. The last five years that I worked at 3M, I was working on hydrogen fuel cells to power electric cars.  I'm retired now and working on writing a math book.
Dick Hansen
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April 17, 1944 Cottage Grove MN Retired Widowed 5 Homecroft, Highland Jr. H.S.
Doesn't seem like 50 years have gone by when going over all the names and the memories start coming back.

After high school I attended the University of Minnesota and then transferred to a small college in Chicago called George Williams College. I graduated majoring in social work.

Due to the Army wanting to draft me, I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and spent over six years in our air defence system with a couple  of tours at Duluth. I resigned as a Captain and went to work for the St. Paul Insurance Companies for the next 30 years. I worked the entire time in information systems programming.

I married my wife Chris in 1968 and we have 5 grown children (3 boys and 2 girls).  So far we have 7 grandchildren (1 died of SIDS). Chris has been fighting cancer the past five years and just died June 23rd so my life is anything but normal. I still am coming and hope to see many of you again. The last reunion we attended was the 20th one and it was hard to recognize people then, so it should be even more challenging this time.
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Albert (Al) Hart
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March 11, 1944 Kansas City MO US Retired (Ford Motor Company) Married 2 North St Paul High School
Been retired 10 years and it is one of the best decisions I've made. Dianne and I have been married for 46 years. 

After graduation, the US Army sent me a letter saying that they wanted me so I joined the Navy and I saw the world. I left the Navy in 1967, and I decided that I needed to get a degree; I went to Anoka Ramsey Collage for two years, the last two years at the University of Minnesota, Collage of Business Administration.

I went to work in 1972 for Ford Motor Company at the Twin City Assembly Plant in the Logistics Department. Stayed at Twin City until 1989 when I transferred to the Kansas City Assembly Plant, in Kansas City Missouri, as the Materials Handling Manger. I also worked on New Vehicle Model Launch programs. I worked in that area for six different model year vehicles, and have traveled to Mexico and Germany to assist in vehicle launches at several assembly plants in those countries.

We have two married daughters and four granddaughters, ranging in age from 8 to 16 years.

After 30 years at Ford I decided that was long enough so retired in August of 2002.

We enjoy traveling and have visited Alaska, Europe, and Japan. (Our oldest daughter lives in Japan)

I have taken up golf since retiring and I certainly have to work at it. We enjoy boating and spend lots of weekends on the lake, and wintering in Naples, Fl.  .
 Some of our most enjoyable times are spent with friends and family, as I’ve gotten older I realize how important they become.
I fell off a ladder in May and broke both heels if I'm well enough we'll see
you in August.

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Nanci Hertz (Garon)
April 17, 1944 Tucson AZ US Retired Married 2 Horace Mann
I love living in Tucson. I am married (48 years) and retired.
We have two children, five grandchildren and two greatgrandchildren. We now have two parti standard poodles and two Maine Coon cats. Never a dull moment around here!

Bill Hicks
January 14, 1944 Marco Island FL US CEO OF Bill Hicks & Co, managing our real estate, farming & franching operations. Married 2 Gordon
 My wife of 47 years and I are on the fast track determined to go out at full throttle.  We learned to ski three years ago and liked it so much we just bought a home in Sun Valley, ID.  We live in Florida most of the year but spend our summers with our children and grandchildren in MN at our homes in Wayzata and Crosslake. My passions are hunting all over the world and collecting cars. Send Bill a MessageSend Bill a Message
Jud Hilton
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July 08, 1944 Marine on St. Croix MN US Ret. USMC / Ret. Airline pilot Married 2 Ramsey

 50 yr auto-bio:  After Central I attended Mankato State normal school for 2 years after which I was asked by the Dean not to return until I "grew up".  I  had nothing else to do so I enlisted in  the Marines. Later I was sent to Pensacola for pilot training and got my wings and  2nd LT bars in Dec of 1966. I served 3 tours in Vietnam between 1967 and 1972.  I guess I liked it so much I stayed for 20 yrs and retired as a LT Col. in 1984.  Joined up with People Express and Continental Airlines as a pilot and instructor and stayed for another 20 years. Last year we moved back to Mn after 23 yrs living in Jupiter Florida.  My original wife (Pamila) has put up with me for 45 yrs but hates my motorcycles!  Well,  she can't have everything. My favorite beverage is vodka / gin martinies with lots of queen olives doubled stuffed with jalapeno & garlic, and I drink these mothers with my life long friend Jeff Flynn. The very best to you all and Semper-Fi.   Jarhead Jud

PS:  Barry Soetoro is NOT "the one"  and the answer to 1984 is 1776.



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Earl (Bart) Hipp
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Now MN US Retired Professional Speaker/Author Married

Wow, 50 years in this tiny space. Humbling! I graduated from the U of M in 1969 and then went directly into the military until 1971. After discharge, I lived in New England, traveled in Europe, and eventually returned to MN to get a Master’s Degree in Psycho-Physiology (hey, it was still the late 70’s). Over the years I’ve written a number of books for adolescents (still out there, with almost half a million sold), and had fun as a professional speaker for 25 years. I met Gwen Barker in 1993 and after lot’s years of traveling, adventures (no kids), and living together,  we were married in 2009. For the last 15 years we have spent 6 months a year in Tucson, AZ and the remaining in Minneapolis. Life is good and I’m a blessed man.

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Suzanne Hodgson (Burton)
September 11, 1944 Arden NC US retired registered nurse Married 2 Mattox & Highland Park
After high school graduation, I went to Coe College for two years, transferred to Drake University and graduated June 1966 with degree in elementary education. Was married and we have two girls. When my youngest started kindergarten, I went back to school and obtained an Associate degree in Nursing. I worked as a registered nurse for 30 years - 10 in Anderson,S.C. and 20 in Asheville, N. C. Cardiology was my area of practice. In retirement my husband and I are very active in our church,gardening and hiking. I love to work out at the gym and love mountain biking here in the mountains. I love to cook healthy meals and especially enjoy spending time with our two granddaughters.     Send Suzanne a MessageSend Suzanne a Message
Nancy Holland (Martin)
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February 16, 1944 Los Alamos NM US Retired Married 2 Ramsey

Dick and I were married in 1968 in California.  Lots of school.  Settled in Los Alamos, NM in 1977.  Our two boys are Ben and Doug.  Ben lives in Los Angeles.  Doug lives in Florida.  We have two grandchildren.  Have a variety of hobbies, do volunteer work, and lots of travelling in retirement.

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Robert Holly
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May 24, 1944 Davis CA US Retired Married 2 Central HS - Omaha, Neb.
50 years is just a wrinkle in space-time, but what a wrinkle.  Blink and 20 years have passed:  Over those years, I spent 5 in the Navy on nuclear subs and 12 in 5 different schools before they finally gave me the degree I wanted.  I also got married and had twin daughters.  Blink again and 25 years have passed:  I spent those years teaching exercise physiology at the University of California at Davis.  Blink again and the last 5 years are gone:  I’m retired now, my wife retires next week, and my 2 daughters have just finished their residencies and will begin their medical careers next month - better than depending on Medicare.  Life is good.  Golf is bad.  Looking forward to seeing Delta Hi-Y friends, Macalester Presbyterian friends, and everyone else.  I know I’ll miss Tom Shannon and Marge Young and too many others.

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