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Leonard Horowitz
July 12, 1944 Chief financial officer Single Again 2
After graduation I spent the next 5 years going to college at the University of Minnesota and then to Business school.Also was in the army reserve for 6 wonderful years . From 1967 to 1975 was employed in a public accounting firm in St. Paul and then in late 1975 went to work as the Chief Financial Officer for a real estate development company in Bloomington where I am still employed going into my 38th year. As part of my job there, I am working for a family that owns  the business and thus I work  on many diversified things including  family trusts, a foundation, and many other corporate and family projects.
I am in the process of a divorce now after being married for 43 years. I have 2 wonderful boys, one married and living in Chicago who is also in real estate and my other son ,recently divorced,  now lives in Uptown in Minneapolis after living  in Los Angeles  for the last 10 years and is in the music business.Both sons went to college-one to the University of Kansas and the other to the University of Arizona.
I am looking forward to the reunion-should be a blast.
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Dawn(Dee Dee) Hoveland (Zeller)
June 01, 1944 Kasson MN US Retired teacher Single Again 3 Longfellow
I have spent a few days reading the many posts that so many have written as of this date... using my Cehisean as a guide. The happy memories were bubbling over... and to think that has been 50 yrs... where did the time go? I am anxious for this reunion and visiting with so many "old" friends. 
 After our graduation I attended Augsburg College and received my Bachelor of Science degree in education. I taught elementary school for 40 years in Dodge Center as a first grade teacher and then a third grade. Now that I am retired I sub on occassions for the wide range of grades from K through 5th grade. I'm not too keen to try my luck with the higher grades.
In 1969 I married a farmer which I plowed through for 22 years. I have a son and two daughters who are now married with children of their own who total seven granddaughters and two grandsons. My son lives in Oklahoma; my oldest daughter lives here in Kasson near me and my youngest daughter lives in Cottage Grove. My oldest granddaughter, Anna is getting married June 30th. One of my other granddaughters, Michaelene graduated this year and will be going to college in New York for dance and physical therpy majors. The others are in high , middle  and/or elementary schools. One is just two and has a few years to join the rest in the quest of graduating and then having the 50th. Life does go by fast as we are all well aware from our own personal experience.
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Carolynn Howard (Edwards) Mesa AZ US Teacher/4th grade Widowed 3
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Judy Howie (Raup )
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Profile picture
October 22, 1944 Dorchester MA US Business owner - mfg curtains and drapes Divorced 2 Longfellow
Two grandchildren, too!  Still connected to MN, looking forward to this reunion.  Send Judy a MessageSend Judy a Message
Joan Hubbard (Campe)
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November 20, 1944 Brooklyn Park MN US retired elementary school teacher Single Again 2 J J Hill, Highland Junior High
I retired two years ago after a 39 year career of teaching elementary education. I have two childen who live in the Twin Cities and two grandchildren. Through teaching, I have been fortunate to travel extensively gaining first hand experience of the education, environmental issues, and culture of various countries. I enjoy outdoor activities and volunteer in several capacities.
One of my favorite quotes is by Dr. Seuss, "It is fun to have fun, but you have to know how".
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Edan Humphrey (Paar)
January 26, 1944 Edina MN US Retired Divorced 2 Mattocks/Highland Junior High
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brenda ingersoll
November 18, 1944 deerfield WI US retired newspaper writer/editor Single Again
Hi Classmates! Many may remember me as cold snob, but actually, just total social inept (raised by wolves). Really hoping to connect w/ old buds Barb Piette, Barb Applebaum, & espec. gang from Macalester Presbyt. Church: Margie Young, Joanie Hubbard, Ricky Noble, Bob Holly. Just spent 3 days w/1st husband, hadn't seen in 38 yrs. Xtremly strange, but very fun. Probably  can't come to reunion, but have a great time. Send brenda a MessageSend brenda a Message
Steve Jensen
January 28, 1944 Vestavia AL US Retired executive Married 4 Mattocks, Highland Junior High
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Craig Johnson
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March 25, 1944 Burnsville MN US Retired Architect Married 3 Highland Park Junior High
A card carrying member of the unrepentant liberal elite. Saddened that the right wing has put partisan obstructionism ahead of the success of the country. 
Still married after all these years. Sharon has been long suffering, compassionate, understanding and supportive in all my efforts efforts.  She gave me three fine boys who have given me six well above average grandchildren. 
We are well into year three of remodeling our lake cabin. The transformation has been worth the effort, but I'm glad to be able to see the end.  
I've been able to do all that I've wanted. And am the picture of a happy man.  
Hopefully we will have the chance to chat at the reunion.
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Jerald Johnson
September 24, 1944 Circle Pines MN US retired computer engineering draftsman Married 2
Married 42 years. Five grandchildren. Good health. Cancer survivor(Hodgekins,1982). Like travel in US, built and still building east central Minnesota cabin, hunt, fish and outdoors. State employee for 36 years.Love my early retirement at 55. Won't make the doings but enjoy them. Thanks to the committee for working all this up. Send Jerald a MessageSend Jerald a Message
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